Fact or Fiction? Learn the Truth About These Common HVAC Myths

Fact or Fiction? Learn the Truth About These Common HVAC Myths

You hear a lot of varying opinions about operating an HVAC system. Below are some common HVAC myths that require a closer look.

1. You can cool (or heat) the home faster by jamming the thermostat down (or up) 10 or 15 degrees.

The HVAC system is designed to cool or heat at a certain pace, so manipulating the thermostat will not make it happen any quicker. What will happen, if you leave the thermostat way low or way high, is that the HVAC will run and run and run, trying to achieve that temperature you’ve set, and it may never turn off, wasting energy and overworking the motor. Realize that when you get home and it’s too hot or cold, it will take a while for the system to cool or heat the home.

2. When replacing your HVAC system, it’s best to go bigger in cooling and heating capacity.

Not! Some consultants may recommend this, just as they may recommend determining the size of a system by square footage alone. But a system that is too large will short-cycle — that is, turn on and off, and it will never heat or cool adequately. For the best results, a qualified HVAC technician should use industry software to determine the right size for your new HVAC unit. The consultant will input a wide range of data into the software to figure out capacity, HVAC equipment size, and ductwork needs.

3. Cover up the outdoor condenser in the winter to protect it.

Although you may want to erect some kind of shelter to protect the unit from debris and falling limbs, the metal housing around the condenser is designed tough and can most likely stand up to the weather without anything around it. You definitely do not want to cover it with a tarp. This creates a nice, comfy space for animals and insects to nest, and you could lose wiring this way. Covers designed for HVAC units are manufactured, but even they could be an invitation to an unwanted nest.

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