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Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist 

21 Sep
Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist 

With the outdoor temperatures getting cooler again, it’s time to tackle fall maintenance on your HVAC system so it’s well-prepared to keep your home warm this winter. Here’s a helpful checklist to make completing this essential maintenance easier:

Install a New Furnace Filter

Your heating system needs adequate airflow to operate efficiently and reliably. Replacing the system’s air filter now can ensure that it isn’t restricted when you switch over to heating. To maintain proper airflow throughout the season, you also need to check the filter every month and replace it whenever it looks dirty.

Change Your Thermostat Programming

To keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the fall and winter and maximize potential energy savings, you should make any needed changes to your thermostat programming. If you don’t have a programmable model yet, getting one installed now gives you ample time to learn about its use and how to program energy-saving automatic temperature setbacks.

Clean the HVAC Registers

A thorough fall cleaning of your supply registers, return air grilles and the interiors of the ducting vents is also necessary to promote good system airflow. You should wipe all the covers down and make sure their louvers are fully open, and vacuum out the ductwork openings. Plus, check that there’s nothing obstructing any of your registers so that air can flow freely.

Get the Flue Cleaned

Getting the flue cleaned can take care of any vent obstructions that might block the escape of hazardous combustion fumes containing toxic gases like carbon monoxide. A thorough cleaning will remove soot and acid deposits and clear out debris like fallen leaves, seed pods, twigs and rodent/bird nests.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Having the heating system inspected, tuned-up and cleaned by an experienced HVAC technician can give you peace of mind that it’s running safely, reliably and efficiently. A thorough maintenance checkup should cover all critical system components, including the safety controls, fuel burner, heat exchanger, electrical wiring, blower assembly and thermostat.

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