Forced Air Furnace: Tried, True and Easy to Install

Forced Air Furnace: Tried, True and Easy to Install

When you’ve got an entire home to heat through the New Jersey winter, you want a system that’s easy and reliable. A forced air furnace is a popular choice, and while there are many heating choices on the market, many homeowners opt for this more traditional one.

A forced air furnace burns natural gas or oil in its combustion chamber to produce heat. The heat is transferred via a heat exchanger to cool air drawn through the home’s cold air return vents, and then pushed by a fan through an air filter and into your ductwork to be distributed throughout your home. The furnace is sized to handle the heating needs of your entire house, and this sizing takes into account not only the amount of space in your home, but how efficiently your home retains heat – so home sizing can change with upgrades in insulation, air sealing, etc. If you’re planning a furnace upgrade, better home sealing may help you get a smaller unit which uses less fuel.

Forced air furnaces take a central role in your home’s air circulation, so they incorporate air filters to catch airborne particulates and remove them from your home, improving indoor air quality in ways that radiant heat can’t. They can also support additional air quality boosters, such as UV lights. But because they rely on ductwork to deliver filtered and conditioned air, this does place some importance on regular duct maintenance as part of your larger HVAC maintenance plan.

Since they’re so widely used, finding a contractor who’s an expert in forced air systems is easy, and switching contractors rarely presents a problem. It’s also an inexpensive installation when compared with options such as geothermal heating. However, their ongoing operating costs are dependent on fuel (oil or gas) prices, which you should investigate in your area before making the choice to go with a forced air furnace.

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