Four Common Toilet Problems and Fixes

Four Common Toilet Problems and Fixes

When dealing with a toilet problems in your Monmouth County home, always consider the worst scenario and decide if you want to be there when that happens, or you want to turn the job over to a professional plumber. Here are four common toilet problems you may be able to handle yourself.

Water on the Floor Beneath the Tank

Your toilet’s tank can leak from only four places: where tank sits on bowl, where supply tube enters tank and where two bolts connect tank to bowl.

The tank-to-bowl seal deteriorates over time. To replace it, turn the supply valve off, flush the tank, and then loosen the two bolts fixing the tank to the bowl. Their seals may have deteriorated, too. Take a trip to the home improvement store for new seals for all three spots.

A leaky supply tube is likely a loose fitting where the metal nut attaches to the threaded pipe emerging from the ceramic tank. Hand tighten this (do NOT use pliers or wrench). If none of this works, call a plumber.

Fill Valve

The fill valve allows water to fill your tank, and then shuts off when the float rises. The float may not rise enough to stop waterflow; if you hear water running, your fill valve needs replacing. You can do the job yourself with just pliers, and the valve usually includes the float and arm.

Toilet Handle

The handle’s metal rod inside the tank can corrode and snap off. Take the old handle assembly to the hardware store. The nut on the inside of the handle is often reverse-threaded. Match the new handle to your old one and install according to package instructions.


The flapper closes over the tank hole where water empties into the bowl. It gets a lot of use, and is prone to deteriorating. This causes your toilet to run. New flappers are often part of a complete change-out including overflow tube, flush valve and flapper combined.

If you have are facing toilet problems in your Monmouth County home, contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

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