Fresh Air in Winter: Ventilation Options

Fresh Air in Winter: Ventilation Options

No matter how cold it gets outside, conditions inside can quickly become too stuffy for comfort when the heat is on and the windows are shut tight, leaving you gasping for air. Learn about ventilation options for your home this winter which will improve indoor air quality.

Crack Open a Window Now and Then

Presumably, you keep your windows shut tight, and you likely don’t want to open them because you’ll let cold air in and warm air out, adding to your heating bill and diminishing your efficiency. But it really doesn’t hurt to crack open a window now and then to let some air exchange take place. It’s certainly your cheapest option for ventilating your home and relieving stuffy air.

Add Exhaust Ventilation in Key Sites

Your bathroom and kitchen are probably the dampest areas of your home, and might be subject to retaining moisture in a way that leads to mold and mildew. Ventilation in the form of an exhaust fan is the best way to remove moisture and improve air quality. The fan should be exhausted to the outdoors, rather than into the attic or into a space behind the wall or into the ceiling between joists, where moisture can gather and damage your drywall. Exhaust ventilation creates negative pressure in the home, however, and only removes stale air, but doesn’t replace it with fresh air.

Other Types of Ventilation

You can choose from three additional types of ventilation:

  • Supply system – Pressurizes the home by bringing in fresh air, but does not exhaust stale air.
  • Balanced system – Introduces fresh air and exhausts stale air in equal amounts if the system is properly designed.
  • Energy recovery system – These systems transfer heat from warm inside air as it is being exhausted. The heat transfers to fresh (and cold) supply air as it is brought inside so that the heat isn’t wasted. In warmer months, inside air cools warm supply air, reducing costs of ventilation cooling.

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