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Furnace Efficiency: Just How Efficient Does Yours Need to Be? 

18 Jan
Furnace Efficiency: Just How Efficient Does Yours Need to Be? 

How efficient is your furnace or boiler? If it’s an older model, you may not know its efficiency rating, but chances are, it doesn’t come close to meeting today’s more stringent standards for efficiency. Even so, there are things you can do to improve boiler or furnace efficiency. Let’s take a look at them, but first, learn how efficiency is rated.


Heating system efficiency is indicated by a measurement known as AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency. It indicates how much of the fuel is used up during the heating process. The higher the rating the more efficient the system. Most older heating systems will likely be at about AFUE 56-70 percent, while the newer, highly efficient models are AFUE 95 percent or more, meaning they convert nearly all the fuel they use to heating.

The more efficient the furnace, the more it’s likely to cost, but it also saves you more on fuel bills. That’s why in a colder climate such as ours, it makes sense to install the most efficient heating system you can afford.

Increasing Efficiency

Even if you’re not ready to spring for a highly efficient furnace yet, you can improve your current heating system’s efficiency by doing the following:

  • Change the air filter often. A dirty filter makes the system work harder to reach thermostat set points.
  • Go around your home and look for air leaks around windows, doors, light switches, the attic hatch, and any openings to the exterior for pipes, cables or cords. Use weatherstripping, caulk and insulation to keep warm air in and cold air out.
  • Look into installing efficient windows that keep heated air in.
  • Ask your HVAC tech to inspect your ductwork to make sure all segments are connected and there are no holes. You may also benefit from adding insulation around the ducts if they are in an unconditioned space.
  • Keep your heating system tuned up annually so it runs at its peak efficiency through the winter.

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