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Keep These Things in Mind for Furnace Installation

16 Feb
Keep These Things in Mind for Furnace Installation

A furnace installation shouldn’t be something that you decide upon casually. Several important factors need to be considered when installing any sort of central heating or cooling system in your home. Otherwise, you’re likely to end up with a furnace that falls short of your expectations with regard to performance and efficiency, and maybe even safety. When undertaking a furnace installation, consider the following:

Fuel source — One of your first decisions will be what type of fuel you want to burn in your new furnace. Natural gas is the most common, and if your home is served by a natural gas line and has the venting, piping and ductwork infrastructure for a gas furnace, that’s probably your best bet.

Sizing — Determining the capacity of your new furnace should not be an afterthought. Your HVAC contractor should calculate your home’s heating load before recommending a furnace. He’ll look at your home’s size and number of levels, energy efficiency, amount and type of window coverage, orientation on the lot, and various other factors. Undersizing or oversizing a furnace will result in sub-par energy efficiency, poor performance and stressed machinery.

Efficiency level — How efficiently should your new furnace burn fuel? Your technician will walk you through your options, and the basic choice will come down to standard efficiency or high efficiency. Do you want a relatively cheap installation but higher fuel costs over the years, or a more expensive furnace that delivers on energy savings over its lifetime. Often this decision hinges upon climate. In an area with a long, cold winter, for example, you can save more over the long term with a high-efficiency furnace than an area with a warmer climate.

Advanced features — This factor resembles energy efficiency in that the more energy-saving features you choose for your furnace installation, such as variable-speed and multi-stage operation, the higher its cost will be. However, some of these features are well worth the extra cost.

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