Don’t Forget Furnace Maintenance Before the Heating Season Starts

Don’t Forget Furnace Maintenance Before the Heating Season Starts

Even though we’re just getting into fall, it’s time to put furnace maintenance on the top of your to-do list. You can tackle the basics by vacuuming out the blower compartment and combustion chamber, replacing the furnace filter, and adding lightweight machine oil to the motor bearing cups on an older model. To make sure your heating system is in peak operating condition, be sure to schedule a professional maintenance visit before the temperature drops.

Annual Furnace Maintenance Brings Numerous Benefits

Having your furnace professionally maintained not only boosts your wintertime comfort, but it’s also crucial to optimize efficiency and keep your heating bills in check. Annual preventive care ensures its safe operation and reduces the chances of a mid-winter breakdown that leaves you without heat.

During a maintenance visit, you can expect a professional to cover a wide range of tasks on key system components including:

  • Blower assembly – Cleaning, lubricating and making any necessary adjustments to the blower components can improve efficiency by up to 15 percent and guarantee ample warm airflow from the registers.
  • Start up and safety controls – A technician tests the start up cycle to make sure the furnace turns on and shuts off properly. All the different system safety controls are tested too, such as the high limit switch that shuts down the furnace if it overheats to prevent a premature failure or fire.
  • Thermostat – Checking for proper thermostat calibration ensures that the furnace is accurately heating your home so you avoid unnecessary energy waste.
  • Electrical components – A technician checks the wiring, tightens all connections and verifies correct voltage and current on the motor so the furnace operates safely and reliably.
  • Fuel lines and connections – The delivery lines are checked for leaks that allow fuel to escape and increase the risk of fire.
  • Vent system and heat exchanger – These critical components are inspected for obstructions, cracks, or corrosion that can allow hazardous exhaust fumes containing deadly carbon monoxide to erode your indoor air quality.

To learn more or to schedule a furnace maintenance appointment in your Monmouth County home, contact the pros at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.

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