Most Common Furnace Troubleshooting Situations

Most Common Furnace Troubleshooting Situations

Forced air furnaces are a reliable source of heating with a workmanlike ability to keep a home comfortable year after year. Like any appliance, however, they wear down over time and require repairs or parts replacements, and sometimes — from 10 to 15 years, depending on the quality of the model and how it was maintained — may even have to be replaced.

But some simple problem may crop up with your furnace that you can fix yourself. Following are some of the issues concerning furnace troubleshooting that you may encounter.

Furnace won’t come on

Of course, this situation can occur for a number of reasons. The first step is to check the power supply. Is the electricity in the house on? After you determine the power is on, check the breaker that serves the furnace. Has it flipped off? If so, there may have been a power surge. Turn off the furnace. Flip the breaker and turn the furnace on. Even if the furnace comes on, you may still need to consult a technician or an electrician to see if you have a malfunction.

If the power is on, check the controls, making sure the control is in the “on” or “auto” position. Also check the thermostat, setting it higher to determine if the temperature in the home was just too high for the unit to switch on. If the thermostat is battery operated and you don’t get a reading on the device’s face, change batteries. If the thermostat is wired into your system, check the wiring connections.

Furnace comes on but there’s no heat

Again, this problem may result from a variety of causes. Check the filter, making sure it’s clean. If not, change it, but be sure you install the right size. An older furnace may not be heating up because the pilot light has gone out. Also, check the gas valve outdoors to make sure it’s in the “on” position, or check another gas appliance to ensure gas is flowing.

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