Generator Maintenance is Important

Generator Maintenance is Important

Having a generator on-hand for power outages is a great advantage for any Monmouth County household. Ensure you’re ready for power emergencies by performing generator maintenance on a regular basis.

How to do a System Check

Before the system check there are a few things you should do to prepare. Keep a log book for all maintenance so you can track timelines for annual checkups and parts that need regular replacement.

Step #1 – Perform a visual check of your generator: Look for loose bolts, frayed wires, corroded parts and buttons that stick. Ensure that your generator, and the surrounding area, is clean of dirt and debris. Getting debris into the alternator of your device is the #1 way that generators get destroyed.

Step #2 – Fix damaged components: Repair and/or replace damaged parts identified in your visual check. Contact a professional if you’re unsure of how to do repairs by yourself.

Step #3 – Check distilled water levels in battery: Make sure that distilled water levels are topped up and check the battery’s voltage. Generator batteries should be replaced every 3 years.

Step #4 – Change filters and lubricant oil: Replace filters and oil annually, whether your use your generator or not. If used frequently air cooled generators should have oil replaced after 30 to 40 hours of run time or after 100 hours for liquid cooled machines. Ensure you use synthetic oil in air cooled generators.

Step #5 – Replace and refill: Clean or replace spark plugs, top up fuel or replace your gas altogether if your generator hasn’t been run in over 1 and a half years. Gas losses potency after sitting unused for long periods of time.

Step #6 – Recalibrate your generator’s components: After extended or regular use internal parts such as the fuel pump, turbocharger, injectors and the automatic voltage regulator can become misaligned.

Step #7 – Run your generator regularly: It is recommended to run your generator at least once every 6 months to ensure it starts and runs in case it’s needed.

If you need help with generator maintenance and repair contact the professionals at Aggressive Mechanical.

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