Getting the Most Out of the A/C This Summer

Getting the Most Out of the A/C This Summer

Your A/C unit is an important part of your home and it’s one that’s essential to your comfort and even your safety in the warmest part of the summer. However, your A/C unit can also make your electric bill skyrocket. If not properly taken care of, the repair bills for your AC unit can also be quite high, leaving you without air conditioning for a period of time or having to spend a big chunk of money. Luckily there are some maintenance tips you can use to get the most out of your AC unit this spring and summer to minimize waste and repair costs.

  • Check the coils in your condenser at the beginning of the warm season to make sure they aren’t dirty. Dirty coils that are covered in dust or oxidized from rust can make your system less efficient. Dust buildup and oxidation can’t be prevented, but a solid cleaning can help your AC system run smoothly this summer.
  • Keep your air filter changed. You’ll want to do this at least once per month or as recommended by the manufacturer. A dirty air filter will make your system have to work even harder and can damage your AC unit over time.
  • Make sure your air ducts don’t have any leaks. Leaky air ducts can make your A/C unit work harder to push cool air into your home. In fact, leaky air ducts could run your electric bill up nearly 20 percent higher than it should be.
  • Have your A/C system checked out by a professional team before you turn it on this spring or summer. Having your system checked and properly maintained means fewer problems down the road and your system is less likely to need emergency maintenance when it gets very hot. That will save you money in the long run and you’ll be much more comfortable in your home.

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