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Green Heating Options for a Sustainable Winter

21 Nov
Green Heating Options for a Sustainable Winter

Heating season is fast approaching. Your furnace is a necessity in the cold, New Jersey winter. Unfortunately, running it also uses tons of energy and increases your carbon footprint. Fortunately, there are more environmentally friendly options you can use.

Here are a few green heating options and tips:

Geothermal heating.

The heat energy beneath the earth’s surface is both renewable and free, and can be used to offset your home’s heating costs. No matter how hot or cold the weather gets, the temperature 10 feet below the ground holds steady at around 50 degrees. A geothermal system buries a loop of pipes on your property and circulates liquid through them. The liquid absorbs the heat from the ground, which is then used to heat the air. Your regular heating system then warms the air the rest of the way, but using considerably less energy.

Solar heating.

Using solar panels to power your home is a great way of going green, but active solar heating takes it a step further. It works similarly to geothermal heating, in that a liquid is circulated through a loop of pipes. But instead of using the ground for energy, the liquid is heated by the sun, which then heats the air in your home. In some cases, air is run through the pipes, to be heated directly.

Steam heat.

Until recently, steam radiators were often inefficient, using lots of energy and producing more heat than was comfortable. However, recent advances in technology have not only made these radiators more efficient, but also easier to control, allowing you to adjust the temperature from room to room, through your mobile device.

Programmable thermostat.

Some of the best green heating options are a result of improving technology. In addition to steam radiators, smart thermostats can also help you reduce energy usage, by letting you program your system to switch automatically into energy-saving mode when you’re not at home, so you’re not heating an empty house.

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