Handling Humidity Under Your Home 

Handling Humidity Under Your Home 

Discovering that you have a moisture problem under your home is worrisome. Excess moisture in this area of a home can result in serious humidity effects including unpleasant odors, hazardous mold growth, structural deterioration, pest infestations, foundation shifting, and/or HVAC component damage.

Causes of Moisture Accumulation Under a Home

There are a few possible causes of a moisture problem under your home, and to solve it, you’ll need to learn whether it’s related to:

Plumbing leaks. There may be water leaks originating in the laundry room, bathroom or kitchen plumbing fixtures or appliances, or from deterioration of the piping or sewer lines.

Sprinkler issues. If you have a sprinkler system, there may be flaws in the lines or fittings. Watering around the foundation perimeter to excess or too frequently is another possibility.

Drainage deficiencies. Insufficient ground slope along the foundation or problems with your gutter system may be causing poor drainage that’s allowing water to get under the house.

Solving High Humidity Underneath Your Home

Depending on the extent of your moisture problem and the cause, it may be necessary to:

Fix the plumbing. A licensed plumber should locate and fix any leaks that are letting water escape the sprinkler or plumbing systems so it can’t seep under your home.

Address gutter defects. Not only do your gutters need to be in good repair, they must be sized properly to handle the amount of runoff from your roof, and the downspouts must dump water a safe distance from the foundation.

Improve drainage. The slope of the ground around the foundation may need to be increased, or you may need to have a french drain installed around the perimeter to prevent water pooling.

Increase ventilation. Your crawlspace or basement may need additional vents, or a ventilation fan may be necessary to remove excess humidity from the space.

Install a vapor barrier. A properly-sealed plastic vapor barrier may help keep moisture from getting into the areas underneath your home.

If you need help solving a moisture problem and minimizing humidity effects under your Monmouth County home, contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.


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