How to Tell if You Have Hard Water

How to Tell if You Have Hard Water

Dissolved minerals occur naturally in water, but problems can arise when a water supply contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. This is “hard” water,” and it can adversely affect your plumbing system and water-using appliances. A water softener can reduce the levels of these two minerals using an ion exchange process. If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms of hard water, it’s time to talk to a knowledgeable professional about the benefits of having a water softener installed:

  • Water spots and film on your clean dishes — If your cutlery and glassware have opaque spots or a foggy film after washing, the hardness of the water is the most likely culprit. When minerals are removed with a water softener, your dishes should come out sparkling.
  • Limescale buildup — You can see the residue of a high mineral content as chalky limescale deposits on your faucets and plumbing fixtures. If it’s building up on the fixtures, it’s likely that limescale is also accumulating inside your water-using appliances and water lines.
  • Recurring plumbing problems — A build up of mineral scale inside the plumbing system can cause issues like a drop in water pressure or frequent drain clogs.
  • Greater difficulty cleaning — If you’re using chemical cleaners but still find it difficult to get your kitchen and bathroom fixtures shiny clean, it may be due to the mineral content of the water.
  • High water-heating bills — During the heating process, minerals like calcium form into solids that coat the burner or heating elements inside your water heater. As it builds up, this coating decreases the appliance’s efficiency and increases your energy bills.
  • Poor lathering from detergents and soaps — Hard water makes soaps, shampoos and detergents less effective, so you have to use more. Soap residue doesn’t rinse away easily in hard water either, which leaves you with dull, dry skin and hair and clean laundry that feels rough and scratchy.

If you suspect that hard water is an issue in your Monmouth County home and need expert advice on the benefits of installing a water softener, contact us today at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.

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