Is Your Heating System Ready for an Upgrade?

Is Your Heating System Ready for an Upgrade?

Once a furnace or other central heating system gets close to the end of its useful service life, it won’t be long before you have to make a key decision, whether to repair or replace the aging system. It helps to have some time-tested guidelines when considering this difficult decision, since keeping an inefficient, obsolete system running past its effective or safe lifespan can be much costlier than upgrading to a new system.

Following are some signals that your furnace, heat pump or other heating system needs an upgrade:

  • The first one is easy. If your equipment has passed the expected service life for such a system (usually 15-20 years for a gas furnace, 10-15 for a heat pump), start thinking about upgrading. You’ll not only get a system that’s more energy efficient, saving on monthly heating bills, you’ll get one that’s safer and more reliable. However, if your equipment seems to be working fine, there’s no reason to rush an upgrade. Remember that regular professional and homeowner maintenance will keep a furnace or heat pump operating longer than otherwise.
  • If your older heating system has been requiring repairs more frequently than in the past – say, more than once a heating season – it’s time to consider replacement. At a certain point, continuing to pay for repairs on deteriorating or defective heating equipment is just throwing good money after bad. One effective formula is to multiply the age of your HVAC system by the estimated repair cost; if that number is above $4,000, consider replacement.
  • If your heating bills have been increasing and there’s no obvious explanation, such as a colder than usual winter, consider replacing your aging heating system.
  • If you can see signs of corrosion or deterioration in the equipment – especially in a combustion furnace – call in a trusted professional to assess the situation. A cracked heat exchanger on a furnace will endanger both you and your family.

To discuss whether it’s time to upgrade your Monmouth County home’s furnace or heat pump, please contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.

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