How to Get Your Pets Comfortable With In-Home Service Workers

How to Get Your Pets Comfortable With In-Home Service Workers

Do you have pets who seem uncomfortable when new people come to your house? While this behavior is not uncommon, there are some steps you can take to make the process less stressful on your furry family members. By creating as positive of an experience as possible for them, you can help them feel more safe and confident. Learn what you can do to make your pets more comfortable during your next service appointment.

Preparing Your Pet Family for In-Home Services

The following tips can help put your pet family members at greater ease when strangers stop by:

  1. Let your service providers know about your animals when you’re scheduling the appointment so the technicians know to use greater caution when entering your home.
  2. Keep your pets away, in a secure area when your service workers arrive. Have them stay in that area until the initial excitement of the workers arrival has calmed down. If you will not be home for the appointment, it’s best advised that you keep them confined. Leave a few toys with them to help keep them occupied.
  3. Introduce your dog(s) slowly, if you’re going to be home. Let the workers know your dog’s name, but don’t force them to meet. Your dog should be the first to make a move. Ask the worker not to stand directly in front of your dog, facing it, as this can be intimidating. You can give the worker treats to offer your dog by holding them out in his or her hand, or by dropping on them on the floor.
  4. Don’t reward, or get upset, if your dog continues to seem fearful. The process can take time. The goal is to make it happen naturally, as your dog begins to feel more safe with the situation. Forcing it may only make your pup more uncomfortable. By taking these positive steps, your pets will eventually become more comfortable with in-home service workers.

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