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These Houseplants Can Clean Your Air

09 Jun
These Houseplants Can Clean Your Air | Aggressive

Have you always thought houseplants were for people who loved plants but didn’t have enough room to garden? The truth is, we could all use some houseplants in our home, but not just for the “green thumb” factor.

It turns out that certain houseplants are really good at filtering pollutants from the air. Not only do they take in some gases through the plant itself, but the microbes in the dirt around them also filter pollutants.

Why do we need to worry about this inside our home instead of just outdoors? For one thing, pollution from outside can come in the house every time air moves through doors, windows, or cracks. You also get off-gassing from objects in your home: the treated wood used to build the house, carpets, paint, furniture, and other objects.

While your air filtration system does a good job of cleaning some of these out, it can always use a little help. That’s where houseplants come in. Here is a list of houseplants that can help improve your indoor air quality:

  1. The Boston fern. This is a lovely plant with feathery leaves that looks good in a hanging basket or in a pot on a table or pedestal. It likes to be kept moist and prefers indirect sunlight. It filters xylene and formaldehyde from the air.
  2. The Dracaena. There are many varieties of this plant, but they all have one thing in common: they’re great air filters. They remove formaldehyde, benzene, and other gases from the air. Even though they don’t flower, some varieties get cream, white, or red coloring on their leaves. They’re not pet-friendly, though, so keep them out of reach of your furry family members.
  3. The Wax Begonia. Many people will recognize this flowering plant from their outdoor garden, but they grow wonderfully indoors, too. The Wax Begonia’s talents include producing lovely white, red, or pink flowers in the summer and filtering benzene from the air. It’s also generally considered to be pet-friendly.

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