Houseplants: The First Defense of Air Purification

Houseplants: The First Defense of Air Purification

Air purification isn’t just about removing annoying particulates in the air. It’s also about neutralizing the invisible toxins in the home, like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ozone, which have been implicated in conditions like allergies and asthma. Where are these invisible toxins coming from? How can adding plants help you create a first line of defense against indoor air pollution?

Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

Modern materials store chemicals within items like paints, carpets, plastic, vinyl and even mattresses, which will be slowly released into the atmosphere over time in a process called “off gassing.” Off-gassing also contributes to poor indoor air quality and increases the levels of toxic gases and particulates in your home over time. When choosing an air purification system, you can often find systems that will target particulate matter buildup, but what about the VOCs? A simple solution, that can also create beauty in the home, is to get passionate about houseplants.

Phytoremediation: A Green, Fresh, Scent in the Home

Environmental scientists have long been aware of the way plants can remove toxic substances within their immediate environment through phytoremediation. Plants can absorb toxic gases, like VOCs, through their roots and leaves. In return, they give out oxygen and create a more eco-friendly look to the home. However, not all plants are alike. Some act like super-sponges eager to soak up pollutants in the air. Included in this list are: Boston ferns, aloe vera, English ivies, and golden pothos.

Reduce Discomfort Due to Indoor Air Pollution

Toxic gases are just one aspect of poor indoor air quality. Normal day-to-day household activities also contribute dust, lint, hair, dead skin cells, and more – everywhere in the home. Learning how to rid yourself of harmful and irritating indoor pollutants is a health issue that needs to be taken seriously. Long-term exposure to indoor air pollution can cause respiratory distress that isn’t necessary.

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