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How Christmas Trees Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

06 Dec
How Christmas Trees Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

The nostalgic scent of a real Christmas tree is a holiday essential in many Monmouth County homes. If you usually buy a pre-cut tree, it’s important to understand how it can affect on your indoor air quality (IAQ).

Christmas Trees, Allergens and Air Quality

The trees for sale in most seasonal tree lots are typically cut weeks in advance, then baled and bundled onto refrigerated trucks for delivery to local sellers. Bringing one of these Christmas trees into your home can expose your family to two kinds of allergens:

  • Mold that flourishes while trees are being transported due to moisture and tight bundling inside the truck. Once such a tree is in your home, the growth of mold varieties like aspergillus, penicillum and cladosporium can quickly reach unhealthy levels.
  • Ragweed and grass pollen that collects on Christmas tree branches while they’re still at the farm. After you take your Christmas tree indoors, and it starts to dry out, the trapped pollen will get released into your indoor air and make life miserable for allergy sufferers.

Ways to Minimize Christmas Tree Impact on Your IAQ

If you feel that the holidays just wouldn’t be the same without having a real tree to decorate and enjoy, there are some steps you can take to help limit its effect on your air quality.

  • Before bringing a tree indoors, use your leaf blower to clear away trapped pollen particles. Then, wipe down the tree trunk with a mixture of water and bleach.
  • Instead of buying a pre-cut tree that likely harbors mold spores, cut your own at a local tree farm.
  • Consider having an air cleaner installed on your HVAC system to get rid of mold and pollen, as well as other allergens and pollutants like pet dander and off-gassed VOCs.
  • Get rid of your tree the day after Christmas to limit your family’s exposure to proliferating mold growth.
  • If you still have Christmas tree indoor air quality concerns, plan to purchase a realistic artificial tree for next year.

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