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How Ductwork Maintenance Impacts Your Home Savings and Comfort

18 Apr
How Ductwork Maintenance Impacts Your Home Savings and Comfort

When it comes to improving home comfort and saving energy, you may not realize that HVAC ductwork maintenance can have a significant impact. The reason is, having a duct system in poor condition can rob you of 20 percent or more of your HVAC system’s conditioned air output.

Signs Ductwork Maintenance May Be Needed

The following issues can be telltale signs that it’s worth having an experienced HVAC professional do a thorough duct system inspection to check for deficiencies that need attention, like:

  • Excessively high energy bills,
  • Uneven temperature control,
  • Areas/rooms that are always too hot or cold,
  • Ductwork placed in unconditioned areas, like the attic, basement or garage,
  • Visible duct damage.

Positive Impact of Having Your Ducts Maintained

Having your ductwork assessed by a skilled, knowledgeable HVAC technician is invaluable to identify leak sources, areas that require repair, and whether sealing and insulating is needed. A pro can also check whether your HVAC system’s airflow is out of balance, and look for flaws in the duct design, like improperly sized ducts, or an inadequate number of return ducts.

Once any deficiencies are located, an experienced technician can take appropriate measures to improve the duct system’s performance. When your ductwork is in good condition, you’ll gain benefits like:

  • Savings on operating costs. Fixing damage and deficiencies, then sealing and insulating the ductwork can dramatically reduce the loss of conditioned air. Once the ductwork is in good repair and tight, your HVAC system’s energy consumption will decrease, and you’ll see a drop in your monthly utility bills.
  • Greater comfort house-wide. With improvements in air distribution and conditioned air losses, you’ll notice fewer issues like hot/cold spots and temperature inconsistencies, and you’ll find it’s easier to heat and cool your home.
  • Healthier, safer air quality. When the ductwork is well maintained, contaminants and allergens won’t get drawn into the HVAC system from the basement, attic or wall cavities. There’s also less danger of toxic “backdrafting” combustion exhaust entering your air supply.

To schedule an inspection to determine if ductwork maintenance is needed in your Monmouth County home, contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.

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