How Gardening Affects HVAC – Inside and Out

How Gardening Affects HVAC – Inside and Out

Nothing is more relaxing in the springtime than a bit of gardening. It can provide far more than just pretty flowers and shrubs, too. Did you know that the plants you grow can have an impact on your home comfort system? Here’s a look at how gardening affects HVAC, both indoors and outdoors.


The right plants can provide shade to your outdoor A/C, which keeps the unit cool, helping it run more efficiently. Install a trellis near the unit – a wooden, gridded structure where vines can grow. Plant some jasmine, or some bougainvillea, to shade your unit. Just be careful not to put it too close, or the vines can grow into the A/C itself and stop it from functioning properly.

You might also consider putting some shrubs or hedges around the unit, to hide the ugly, bulky A/C with some picturesque foliage. Again, though, don’t plant it too close, as obstructions near your outdoor unit can impede airflow and stop it from running efficiently.

As a general rule, keep two square feet of clearance around your HVAC unit at all times. That also includes clearing away tree branches, tall grass, and any dirt or debris. You might consider surrounding the unit with potted plants instead. They’re easier to keep in a specific location, and can be moved wherever you want them, rather than worrying about them growing out of control.


Believe it or not, gardening affects HVAC inside your home as well. A few house plants can rid your home of a variety of toxins, improving your indoor air quality. The dracaena, for instance, eliminates cigarette smoke. A golden pothos can get rid of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and other pollutants. And a lady palm takes care of just about any toxin, particularly those that cause cancer.

Plants like these can ease the burden on your HVAC air filter, helping it last longer, so your unit can continue to run efficiently, as you breathe easier.

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