How Modern Should Your Plumbing Be to Help Your AC?

How Modern Should Your Plumbing Be to Help Your AC?

Your HVAC system and plumbing might seem like completely separate parts of your Neptune home, but one can affect the other. Whether you have older or more modern plumbing can have an impact on your AC unit. Here, you will learn more about the connection between plumbing systems and HVAC systems.

Drain Lines

Drain lines provide a way for water to be safely carried out of your home, which helps reduce the risk of clogs and leaks. While you might be familiar with drain lines for your toilets, showers, and sinks, you might not realize that your AC also has a drain line. An AC drain line, known as a condensate line, moves water from the condensate drain out of your home. This water goes through the condensate line and pipes before reaching the sewer line.

If you have more modern plumbing, your AC’s condensate line is most likely connected to one of the drains under a bathroom sink. If you’re in a home with older plumbing, you might have a condensate line that exits your home at a separate location. In this case, your condensate line is not directly connected to the rest of your home’s plumbing system.

Drain Problems

Drains that connect to your AC system are an important part of lowering the risk of leaks and other plumbing problems. If you have an AC system with a condensate line tied to a sink drain, you should keep an eye out for potential problems. For example, your sink might drain slowly or not drain at all if there’s a clog. If you don’t have the clog or blockage removed, this can lead to a serious leak in your home.

Keep in mind that your condensate line can also develop a clog, which can result in problems with your AC system. Having routine AC maintenance done, along with routine plumbing maintenance, can help prevent these problems from occurring.

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