How to Improve the Value of Your HVAC Unit

How to Improve the Value of Your HVAC Unit

While an HVAC system comes with expensive upfront and recurrent costs, it can add considerable value to your house. However, there are several factors involved in getting that extra value. To know more about how you can improve your HVAC’s value, read on.


HVAC technology, just like other technologies, has life cycles. A time comes when newer technologies have to replace the older ones.

If your HVAC system is more than 10 years old, you should consider replacing it. The new knowledge and innovations introduced, coupled with the depreciation of your current system, make replacement a necessity if you intend to retain the extra value an HVAC system provides for your house. What’s more, a new system can bump up your home’s value by up to 10%.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness

The more money that new homeowners can save on HVAC costs, the more value they’ll place on an HVAC system. You can increase HVAC value by making your system more efficient. For example, you could add a heat pump or give your unit an excellent supporting cast, which includes:

Environmental factors are becoming more and more significant to people. An HVAC system is more valuable if it has positive effects on the environment. For instance, the R-410A refrigerant that modern HVAC units use is more environmentally friendly than the old, standard R-22 refrigerant. Your upgraded system will be greener and more valuable if it doesn’t produce and diffuse greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Proper Installation

Improper installation cancels out any benefits you were expecting from upgrading your HVAC system. Only a licensed and reputable HVAC specialist will install HVAC components carefully and diligently, thus guaranteeing value addition.


An HVAC unit needs regular maintenance to operate at peak efficiency and prevent its quality from depreciating immensely. A poorly maintained system will hurt your home’s value. Be sure to provide your system with the maintenance it requires to guarantee improved performance and, subsequently, better value for your house.

Remember: If your HVAC system is valuable, then the value of your home improves. For more information on enhancing HVAC value, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors. We’ve been providing the finest HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services in Monmouth and Ocean counties since 1948.

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