How to Incorporate HVAC Elements into Your Interior Design

How to Incorporate HVAC Elements into Your Interior Design

An HVAC system is a necessary part of any home. It can also be an eyesore. Vents and thermostats stick out like a sore thumb. What can you do to improve their aesthetic without sacrificing their performance? Here are some tips to incorporate HVAC elements in interior design.


To make a thermostat look more pleasant, paint it the same color as your wall, so it blends in. You can also put a decorative frame around it, for a more artsy look.


If the color of your vents or registers doesn’t fit with your overall decor, paint them. You can paint them to blend in with the wall, if you want, or if you prefer, you can use a complementary or contrasting color. This allows your vents to make a positive decorative statement, instead of a negative one.

Of course, color aside, the look of the vents can be a bit intrusive. So why not replace the registers with decorative grilles? They have them in all sorts of styles, with different designs and patterns. Get ones that fit your taste and paint them a color you like.

Mini-Split Units

When it comes to incorporating HVAC elements in interior design, mini-splits are probably the most difficult. It’s not just a small square to hide, but a large unit that protrudes from the wall. Painting may not do the trick. Instead, build a shelf around it, with wooden slats in front to hide the unit, while still allowing air through. Then, to blend it in with the rest of your decor, surround the slats with bookshelves, painted to your decorative taste.

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