How to Run Your Heater Based on What Materials Your House Is Made Of

How to Run Your Heater Based on What Materials Your House Is Made Of

Colder temperatures can make it hard to keep your Neptune home warm while also keeping your heating bills down. Did you know that the house materials your home is made of can have an impact on how efficiently your HVAC system works? Keep the following information on heating systems and building materials in mind this fall and winter.

Exterior Materials

The material that the outside of your home is made of can significantly affect how much heat you lose from inside or how much cold air from outside gets in. Brick exteriors typically do a good job of preventing cold air from getting into your home, which makes it easier to heat your home efficiently. Having insulated layers with a brick exterior improves energy efficiency even more.

If you have vinyl siding, cooler air from outside can seep in, especially if you don’t have adequate insulation. You might find that you need to raise your thermostat in order to maintain a comfortable interior, especially if it’s freezing outside.

Exterior doors can also impact how warm your home stays during the winter. Doors made of solid, highly durable material, such as fiberglass or steel, tend to prevent cold outdoor air from flowing into your home. This helps cut down on drafts, which means your furnace or heat pump won’t have to work as hard to warm up your home. Wood doors typically aren’t as effective at preventing drafts, while glass doors allow more heated air from indoors to escape.

Interior Materials

How well the inside of your home stays heated depends in part on your interior home materials. In many houses, wood walls are the standard material. Heated air goes through the walls, which could make it harder to keep certain rooms warm enough. Keep in mind that having insulation in your walls will lessen this heat transfer, so your heating system won’t need to be on as much.

If you’re looking for expert help keeping your Neptune home warm this winter, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc. today. We can help you heat your home with improved energy efficiency.

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