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How to Tell if Your Air Purifier is Working

12 Feb
How to Tell if Your Air Purifier is Working

If you have severe allergies or asthma, live with a smoker, or just want to improve indoor air quality (IAQ), investing in an air purifier is a wise idea. While it’s easy to operate and requires very little maintenance, the unit’s passive nature can leave you wondering if it’s really doing its job. Luckily, you can do several things to know if your purifier is working properly.

Check the Filter Service Indicator

The filters in air purifiers lose their efficiency with time. Some units come with indicators to measure filter performance and notify you when the filter needs changing. Air purifiers with clogged filters work inefficiently. If your unit’s indicator light comes on, you’ll know that your purifier isn’t functioning optimally.

Check Your Filter Manually

It’s a great idea to occasionally remove your filter and inspect it, particularly if you think your air purifier isn’t working well. If you can see dust, hair, or debris on the filter — but not too much that it clogs the filter up — then your device is running properly. If the filter is too dirty, you’ll need to replace it for your purifier to continue working correctly. If your device has been operating for a week or so yet there’s nothing on the filter, then it isn’t working correctly. Call in a technician to take a look at it.

Run Tests with an Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The surest way to evaluate the performance of your air purifier is by using an IAQ monitor. It provides an analysis of your home’s air quality levels. If the results it gives show that there’s no improvement to your home’s air when your purifier is running, then you’ll probably need to have the purifier checked by a professional.

Knowing that your air purifier is running correctly will help ensure your family stays healthy and comfortable all year round.

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