Hurricane Safety Tips and HVAC Prep

Hurricane Safety Tips and HVAC Prep

Hurricanes can cause a significant amount of damage in NJ when they make their way up the eastern coast. The peak of this storm season is coming, so it’s important to make sure that your home’s heating and cooling equipment is safe from water, debris, and wind damage. Use these hurricane safety tips to lower the risk of having to replace or repair your HVAC system if bad weather hits.

Getting Ready for Hurricanes

When you get notice that a hurricane is headed this way, you should have time to make sure your home is well-prepared. While you’re getting supplies and taking other steps to prepare, you should do the following for your HVAC system:

  • Tighten any bolts or screws on your outdoor HVAC unit that have come loose. Make sure you check the entire unit for these in order to reduce the risk of having parts or components break or come loose during the storm.
  • Put a tarp over your outdoor unit to keep it from getting damaged by tree branches and other large pieces of debris that can get blown around. You can also create a makeshift cover out of plywood for added protection.
  • Shut off gas for your gas furnace and the breakers for your HVAC equipment before the storm hits. Doing this helps lower the risk of serious damage from power surges if you lose power, and it prevents gas leaks and other dangerous problems from occurring.

Inspecting Your HVAC System After a Hurricane

After the winds and rain from a hurricane are gone, you should inspect your HVAC system for damage. Don’t turn it on until you have checked it in case you find that it needs repairs. Look for dents and other signs of damage, and have a professional HVAC technician perform a complete inspection if you suspect that is has additional damage.

If you need help with any hurricane safety tips or if you need repairs after severe weather, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors. We offer reliable HVAC services in Neptune and the surrounding areas.

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