What is an HVAC Control System?

What is an HVAC Control System?

The term “HVAC control system” might make you think of the climate control systems used to regulate heating, ventilation and air conditioning in commercial and industrial buildings. These complex systems typically consist of software-managed controllers and sensors that continuously monitor interior conditions and run individual HVAC components, which provides energy-efficient comfort for a building’s occupants.

HVAC Controls in Today’s Homes

In a home, a thermostat is the HVAC control that manages the operation of the furnace or air conditioner, and the blower that distributes heated or cooled air. In the past, thermostats were basic devices that simply started the equipment at a certain temperature set point, and then shut it off at another. Nowadays, thanks to advancements in technology, there are more complex and effective types of residential HVAC controls available, such as:

Digital programmable thermostats.

Modern digital thermostats have a “thermistor” that measures room temperature, and a micro-controller that converts thermistor resistance changes into a temperature reading. Programmable models are equipped with software that allows a user to schedule energy-saving temperature setbacks for one or more periods each day.

Zoning systems.

Larger or multiple story homes that need greater control to provide energy efficient comfort in different areas can often benefit from a zoning system. These systems typically consist of a central control panel linked to individual thermostats and motorized dampers installed in the ductwork. From the control panel, a user can set heating and cooling parameters to regulate the temperature in different zones.

Smart thermostats.

Learning thermostats pair the functionality of programmable models with the ability to gather and transmit in-home conditions so a user can monitor and adjust the HVAC remotely. More advanced versions have incorporated software algorithms that let the thermostat learn the user’s habits and make adjustments intuitively. These intelligent HVAC controls can also monitor the home’s occupancy, air quality and humidity, and alert the user and their HVAC contractor if maintenance is needed, or problems develop with the equipment.

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