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The Timeline of HVAC Maintenance and Replacements

11 Aug
The Timeline of HVAC Maintenance and Replacements

HVAC systems are purchases intended to last for years. With proper care, homeowners can expect to get their money’s worth out of their system before it’s time for a replacement. The best way to protect your investment? Follow this HVAC maintenance timeline.

The First Year: Purchase and Maintenance

If you’re buying your system, there are two ways you can make sure from the start you’re giving it the best chance at a long life. First, have an HVAC contractor determine the proper size for your system. This will ensure the system works efficiently and doesn’t wear itself down by working harder than it should.

Second, have the system professionally installed. Certified HVAC technicians know how to install your new system so it works in the most efficient manner possible.

In most cases, the only maintenance you’ll have to do the first year is regularly checking and replacing your air filters. At minimum, they should be checked once a month and replaced if they’re dirty. At maximum, they should be replaced every three months. Dirty filters make your unit work harder and wear out faster.

Continuing Maintenance

For the next several years, you’ll primarily need to keep up with your HVAC maintenance timeline by keeping filters clean and scheduling yearly maintenance check-ups.

A yearly service contract ensures that your air conditioner and heater both get serviced before you start using them each year. During the maintenance visit, the technician makes sure your HVAC system is working correctly by:

  • inspecting electrical connections
  • inspecting and lubricating the components of the machinery
  • checking system-specific items such as refrigerant level, gas pressure, etc.


Eventually, even though you follow your HVAC maintenance timeline, you’ll need to replace your system. Average replacement times for HVAC components are:

  • Air conditioners: 10-15 years
  • Heaters/furnaces: 15-20 years

Of course, these timelines can vary, but with proper maintenance, you can keep your system functioning a long time.

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