HVAC Maintenance: DIY or Pro?

HVAC Maintenance: DIY or Pro?

Regular maintenance can ensure that your cooling and heating systems are in good working order for many years. Luckily, HVAC maintenance does not have to be a huge ordeal.

Some types of maintenance can be done as a simple DIY project. Others are best left to a professional doing an annual maintenance check. The lists below will help you decide what to do yourself and what to leave to the pros.

HVAC Maintenance: The DIY List

  • Air filters — While most maintenance can be performed seasonally or annually, your air filters need to be checked more regularly. The usual recommendation is to change or clean your air filters every three months. If you have pets, or if some of your family members have allergies or breathing issues, changing your filter more often may be necessary.
  • Your outdoor unit — Clear away leaves, plants, or any other blockages that collect around the unit. When the unit is off, you can clean dust from the condenser fins using a vacuum and brush attachment.

HVAC Maintenance: The Pro List

  • Coolant levels — Your HVAC technician can properly check to ensure that your refrigerant levels are correct and that there are no leaks.
  • Electrical connections — Loose or broken connections can be a fire hazard. Your HVAC professional test your electrical connections and adjust them as needed.
  • Moving parts — Just like any machine, your HVAC system has moving parts that need lubrication periodically.
  • Condensate pan and line — This pan collects condensation from your A/C and drains it outside your house. Because debris collects inside the pan and drain line, it’s good to check the pan for overflow. Occasionally, it’s also necessary to flush the line.
  • Duct cleaning — Professional duct cleaning can increase the efficiency of your HVAC system and improve your indoor air quality.

Not only do professional technicians have the tools to perform the more complicated types of HVAC maintenance, but they also have the training to spot problems before they turn into broken HVAC systems.

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