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Potential Consequences of Neglecting Your HVAC Maintenance

18 Aug
Potential Consequences of Neglecting Your HVAC Maintenance

Your home’s HVAC system is like any other type of complex mechanical equipment—regular preventive care is a necessity to keep it running properly. To prevent problems with performance, efficiency and safety, the equipment should be inspected, cleaned and serviced by an experienced HVAC professional on an annual basis. Here’s a more in-depth look at some of the consequences of neglecting HVAC maintenance.

Inflated Energy Bills

It may take a while for you to notice the slow decline in energy efficiency that’s inevitable if you’re not keeping the HVAC equipment maintained. Taking care of routine maintenance can keep the system running at about 95 percent of its original efficiency, and this saves you money on operating costs over its life span.

Costly Repairs and Replacements

Neglect and buildup of dirt inside the system increase wear and tear on key components so they’re more vulnerable to breakdowns and premature failures. When something gives out, its more likely to happen at the height of the season when equipment strain and stress is highest. Yearly maintenance reduces the likelihood of mid-season repairs and replacements, plus it can help extend the equipment’s life span by letting a technician find and fix minor issues before they develop into bigger problems.

Health and Safety Issues

A number of serious health and safety concerns can develop when HVAC system components are neglected. Unhealthy allergens and harmful pollutants can enter the air supply through leaky, poorly maintained ducts. A malfunctioning gas furnace can backdraft lethal carbon monoxide. Faulty electrical components, loose or corroded wiring and gas line leaks increase the risk of fire.

Loss of Comfort

Equipment that’s not serviced regularly can struggle to regulate temperature, distribute conditioned air and effectively control humidity. When HVAC system performance starts to decline, you’ll see a corresponding drop in comfort. Scheduling preventive care with a certified technician before the start of each heating and cooling season guarantees you’ll enjoy optimal comfort year round.

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