Increasing Air Conditioner Efficiency

Increasing Air Conditioner Efficiency

In the warm and humid Monmouth County summers, your air conditioner efficiency has a major influence on your energy bills. To keep your bills low, give your A/C the attention it needs.

Keep it Clean

Once a month, check your system’s air filter for dust buildup. A layer of dust on the filter limits the air flowing into the system, forcing the fan motor to work harder to pull in the air it needs. During the cooling season, standard fiberglass filters should be replaced monthly, but higher efficiency filters last longer.

Once a year, clean the outdoor condenser unit by removing debris from the exterior fins with a stiff brush. Remove the top of the unit and use a hose to spray down the fins from the inside outward.

At the same time, check your indoor evaporator coil for dust buildup. Even a light layer of dust insulates the coil and impairs its ability to cool. You can remove dust with a foaming coil cleaner.

Vacuum out your air registers and vents at least once a year to prevent debris from interfering with the airflow and dragging down your air conditioner efficiency.

Most importantly, schedule a professional inspection every year. Your technician will thoroughly clean the system and make minor repairs that optimize the system’s efficiency and increase its lifespan.

Cut Your Cooling Load

Use your ceiling fans along with your air conditioner. A ceiling fan can help you feel around 4 degrees cooler. You can then raise your A/C’s thermostat temperature by the same amount to lower your energy use without cutting into your comfort.

Air leaks around your doors, windows, and other parts of your home let in heat and humidity from outside, raising the load on your air conditioner. Apply caulk or weather stripping to stop the waste.

Check your attic for sufficient ventilation. Good ventilation keeps the attic cooler in summer, easing the load on your A/C. Ventilation also helps prevent winter moisture damage.

For a professional tuneup to improve your air conditioner efficiency, contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors anywhere around Monmouth County.

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