Installing a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

Installing a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

In Monmouth County, your home can feel extremely uncomfortable and smell musty on warm days. You may also notice increased mold and pests. The likely culprit is high indoor humidity. That’s when whole-house dehumidification comes in handy. Let’s take a look at the impact it can have on your home and how you can use a whole-home dehumidifier.

Why Should You Consider Whole-Home Dehumidification?

Dehumidification keeps the humidity inside your home under control. As a result, you’ll get these benefits:

  • Improved comfort – High humidity reduces the rate of evaporation of your sweat. This reduces the effectiveness of your body’s primary cooling mechanism, making you feel uncomfortable. A dehumidifier lowers humidity levels, helping you feel more comfortable.
  • Better health – High humidity encourages mold growth, mildew buildup, and other biological growth. Whole-home dehumidification keeps humidity at reasonable levels, discouraging the growth of allergens.
  • Lower cooling costs – A whole-home dehumidification system allows you to set your thermostat higher without compromising your comfort. This allows you to save energy.

When Should You Use a Whole-Home Dehumidifier?

You should use a dehumidifier if your home’s relative humidity is higher than 50 percent. It will work along with your HVAC system to regulate humidity levels. For it to function correctly, you should have it installed by a licensed HVAC pro. Typically, it is placed in a mechanical closet, attic or basement and connected to your heating and cooling system.

Just like your HVAC system, a dehumidifier should be sized to your home. Their sizes are not based on physical dimensions but on the capacity of water they can remove from the indoor air in 24 hours, measured in pints. The moisture they remove from the air is drained through your plumbing system.

A whole-home dehumidifier helps you ensure comfort for your family during warm weather and prevents moisture-related problems such as pests and mold. To learn more about installing and using a whole-home dehumidifier, please contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors. We serve Monmouth County and the surrounding areas.

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