Do You Know the Signs for When It’s Time to Replace the A/C?

Do You Know the Signs for When It’s Time to Replace the A/C?

When the air conditioner goes, especially in the summer, a lot of people see red. Not only will the temperature in your home be impossible to control, but you could be forced to make some expensive repairs. However, repairing your A/C isn’t always the best option, particularly if certain problems or conditions occur. Understand the warning signs that it could be time to replace the A/C instead of sinking more money into an air conditioning unit that may no longer be worth the cost of repair.

  • Your air conditioner is more than 10 years old. Even if your air conditioner has just hit the 10-year mark, there’s a good chance it isn’t as efficient as newer models. In fact, some older air conditioners can use nearly twice as much energy. Putting in a newer and more efficient model can save you money on your cooling bill, helping make up the cost of the replacement in short order.
  • The air conditioner in your home is undersized. If this is happening, you may just notice your home isn’t as cool as usual or it seems like the air is always running. An undersized air conditioner won’t cool your home efficiently. Replace it with one that’s sized properly by a qualified technician.
  • Your air conditioner requires regular repairs. If you’re calling somebody out to fix something on your A/C every few months you’re spending money that you shouldn’t have to spend. An air conditioner in good order shouldn’t need much more than filter changes and a quick inspection once per year.
  • The air conditioner makes a lot of noise. This could be related to an undersized duct system or you could have a compressor issue. If you have an undersized duct system you’ll need to alter that in order for your air conditioner to work quietly and efficiently to cool your home.

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