Looking for an HVAC Contractor? Look Elsewhere if Any of These Red Flags Pop Up

Looking for an HVAC Contractor? Look Elsewhere if Any of These Red Flags Pop Up

Whether your heating and air conditioning system requires a repair, maintenance or new installation, it’s important to select the right HVAC contractor for the job. This includes checking for licensing, insurance, adequate experience and good customer satisfaction. You can also watch out for certain red flags to pop up. Look elsewhere if the company you’re considering indulges in the following bad practices.

Advertising a Low-ball Price

You are right to be suspicious if the HVAC contractor offers a price far lower than anyone else in Monmouth County. Because technicians have to earn a living and overhead expenses at the office must be covered, it’s likely that the low-ball price is not what customers end up paying. Ask about hidden fees and extra charges to reveal the company’s actual price.

Sizing Equipment Based on the Square Feet “Rule of Thumb”

The lazy way to size HVAC equipment is to only take the home’s square footage into account. However, formal load calculations consider climate, insulation, air infiltration rates, home orientation and layout, occupancy and other factors. Load calculations take more time and effort, but the result is an ideally sized system that offers peak efficiency and comfort.

Offering a New-System Quote Over the Phone

This may seem like a good quality, but it’s actually a big no-no, unless you want a completely inaccurate quote. The reasons why an accurate estimate is nearly impossible to give over the phone include the following:

  • Size is a huge factor in a new-system quote. Unless you want the size to be based on rules of thumb, the HVAC contractor needs to visit your home in person to make calculations.
  • The contractor must also ensure the unit’s physical size can fit in the allotted installation spot. If the new unit is larger, necessary modifications could increase the estimate.
  • Quality ductwork is essential for efficient performance. The contractor should inspect your existing ducts and recommend any repairs or upgrades as part of the new-system quote.

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