Ways to Love Your HVAC System This Month

Ways to Love Your HVAC System This Month

If you think about how hard your HVAC system works day-in and day-out maintaining your home comfort, it’s easy to see that it deserves your appreciation. If you haven’t demonstrated that you love your HVAC recently, February offers the perfect opportunity since it’s Valentine’s month. Here are some ways to show your devotion so your HVAC system can keep giving you worry-free, energy-efficient performance:

Allow Your HVAC To Really Know You

Installing a smart thermostat makes it incredibly easy for your HVAC system to learn all about your comfort preferences. The thermostat will take note of the programming you input, and once it’s memorized, it can make controlling your comfort and energy usage truly effortless. As a bonus, allowing your thermostat to automatically make temperature setbacks for eight-hour periods every night, and on weekdays when no one is home, can cut your energy bills by as much as 10 percent.

Set Up a Date For Your System

Using your matchmaking skills to find a trustworthy HVAC company and setting up a date for a maintenance visit is like treating your home comfort equipment to a day at the spa. Your HVAC system will get to enjoy a thorough inspection, cleaning and tune-up to help it operate more efficiently and reliably. To really show how much you care, plan twice-a-year follow up dates to keep your equipment in top shape.

Give Your HVAC a Gift of Better Airflow

There’s no need to buy expensive chocolates when all your HVAC system craves is ample airflow, which you can easily provide by:

  • Checking the air filter every month and installing a new one whenever it starts to look dirty, or at least every three months.
  • Having your HVAC technician seal all the accessible ducting to end air losses through leaky joins and seams.
  • Keeping every supply register fully open, and all the return grilles free of obstructions.
  • Getting the system’s air balance checked and having any recommended improvements made promptly.

To learn more ways to demonstrate that you love your HVAC, contact the Monmouth County home comfort pros today at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors.

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