Lower the Water Heater Temperature and Realize Savings

Lower the Water Heater Temperature and Realize Savings

Water heating accounts for about 18 percent of the energy bill in the typical home, according to Energy.gov. Lower the water heater temperature and slow the drain on your pocketbook with these tips.

Lower Temperature, Hot Savings

The water heater thermostat setting as shipped from the manufacturer may be set as high as 140 degrees. While this temperature provides ample hot water, it is too high for many households for three reasons:

  • Water this hot can cause scalding, especially for very young and old household occupants.
  • Higher temperatures increase the rate of mineral accumulation and corrosion inside the tank and pipes.
  • The higher temperature increases energy bills from hot water usage (water heating) and standby heat losses (heat energy lost through the tank and pipes, prompting re-heating by the heating element or burner).

It’s a fairly easy task to lower the water heater temperature. Simply remove the cover plate with a screwdriver, and turn back the thermostat to 120 degrees. If your water heater has two thermostats, set the top thermostat to 120 degrees and the bottom thermostat to 115 degrees.

More Ways to Save

Consider these additional tips to reduce your hot water bill, increase quality of hot water flow and conserve water in your home.

  • Insulate all accessible hot water pipes in your home. Pipes absorb the heat energy from hot water, which is the reason it takes time before “hot” water reaches satisfactory temperature at the outlet. You’ll save energy, water and reduce waiting time.
  • If your water heater tank is warm to the touch, consider covering it with water heater blanket insulation. Be sure to follow all safety instructions for gas-heated systems.
  • Low flow aerators are inexpensive, easy to install and save a substantial amount of water during the year.
  • Have you serviced your water heater recently? Professional cleaning and service ensures your water heating is providing efficient and safe water for your home.

If you need more information to lower the water heater temperature, or for more energy savings tips in your Monmouth County area home, please contact us at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc. today.

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