How a Maintenance Agreement Compares to a Warranty

How a Maintenance Agreement Compares to a Warranty

Both warranties and HVAC maintenance agreements can provide coverage for your home’s heating and cooling equipment, but which type of protection offers you more? To help you understand the key differences in coverage, let’s compare the benefits you get from signing up for a maintenance agreement with what’s included under a typical home warranty:

  • Yearly system tuneups — Even basic maintenance agreements include semi-annual equipment checkups that are crucial to boost efficiency and extend its life span. With a warranty, you’ll have to pay extra for preventative care. If maintenance is neglected, the warranty company may deny your claim when there’s an equipment breakdown or failure.
  • Discounts on parts and labor — HVAC contractors give their service agreement customers a discount on labor and parts whenever repairs are needed. Warranties often only cover a specific list of issues, and you’ll pay a deductible every time you need a repair.
  • Savings on energy bills — Those twice-a-year tuneups that come with a maintenance plan boost your equipment’s energy efficiency and reduce your utility bills. A warranty won’t lower your energy consumption or save you money on operating costs, because it doesn’t include preventative care.
  • Priority customer service — When repairs are needed, service agreement customers get priority scheduling, and many HVAC companies include a same-day guarantee. With a warranty, there’s no promise of a timely diagnosis or repair, so you could wait days before your equipment’s heating or cooling capabilities are restored.
  • Familiar, trustworthy expertise — When you go with a maintenance plan from an HVAC contractor you already know and trust, you won’t have to worry about receiving expert, reliable service whenever you call. Warranty companies usually don’t let you pick a contractor. Most just send the top name on their rotating list of providers, so you won’t know anything about the skills and reputation of the technician who arrives to work on your costly comfort equipment.

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