Mold Awareness Month: How to Prevent Mold in Your HVAC System

Mold Awareness Month: How to Prevent Mold in Your HVAC System

September has been designated Mold Awareness Month, but if your home develops mold, then you need to know how to handle it right away, no matter what month it is.

Mold can destroy your home and make it unlivable. While there are many types of mold, and not all are extreme hazards to health, certain molds can aggravate allergies and other respiratory ailments. Mold can also destroy textiles, carpet, drywall and wood. The key to defeating mold is by suppressing the moist conditions that allow it to flourish.

Keeping Moisture Under Control

Mold thrives on moisture, so the best way to keep mold under control is by reducing relative humidity in your home. You can do that by getting plumbing and roof leaks fixed right away, and by installing exhaust ventilation in damp areas, such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

Using the HVAC System

You can use your HVAC system to reduce relative humidity. The HVAC extracts moisture from the home’s return air by allowing it to condense on the evaporator coils. The moisture is then sent through the condensate drain and out of the home. The evaporator coils need to be clean for this process to be effective. Also, whenever you schedule maintenance, be sure the HVAC tech checks the condensate drain for obstructions. Any obstructions in the drain should be removed, and the drain pan and line cleaned with bleach.

Changing the air filter regularly will also promote better moisture control by promoting better air flow.

Keeping the HVAC Clear of Mold

Mold can infiltrate the HVAC system. If you suspect you have a mold infestation, have the system cleaned and disinfected, and then have a mold inhibitor applied inside the system. Special products designed for use in HVAC systems are manufactured for these purposes.

Be sure to have your ductwork checked out for disconnected segments and tears. Ductwork segments with excessive moisture may need repairs to prevent moisture and mold from circulating in the home’s air.

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