How to Use Your HVAC System as Mosquito Repellent

How to Use Your HVAC System as Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes are warm-weather pests that cause misery for Monmouth County homeowners. Every time they bite, mosquitoes inject histamine that causes intense itching, but these bloodsuckers are more than an irritation. They can also transmit infectious diseases like malaria, and viruses like dengue fever, Zika and West Nile. With the range of these potentially-harmful creatures expanding, it’s wise to employ multiple strategies to avoid being bitten. Following these tips to use your HVAC system as a mosquito repellent can help:

Keep Your House Air Conditioned

Mosquitoes are cold blooded, so they like a humid environment above 80 degrees. So, just by running the cooling equipment to dehumidify and increase comfort, you’re helping make your home’s interior less hospitable. If any mosquitoes do get inside, they’ll try to use the carbon dioxide gas you breathe out to track you down. The cool air circulated by your HVAC system helps disrupt the trail, which make it harder for a mosquito to find you.

Check for Proper Condensate Drainage

Female mosquitoes are the ones that bite, and they’re after a protein in your blood that helps their eggs develop. After taking a drink, they search for a nearby spot with standing water, such as your HVAC’s condensate drain system, where they lay up to 300 eggs. You can reduce the likelihood that your drainage system is used as a mosquito larvae incubator by regularly checking that it’s unobstructed and flowing freely, and routinely emptying and cleaning out the collection pan.

Look Ahead for Advancing Technologies

In locations around the world where malaria is widespread, HVAC equipment with a built-in mosquito repellent is being made available. Thanks to this kind of technological advancement, it’s likely that in the future here in the U.S., you’ll be able to choose new cooling equipment with an integrated speaker that emits mosquito-blasting ultrasonic waves. This kind of sound wave doesn’t harm humans, but it does stun, paralyze and even kill annoying, illness-causing mosquitoes.

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