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Do You Need More Than One Water Heater for Your Home?

29 Dec
Do You Need More Than One Water Heater for Your Home?

You’re probably familiar with the scene: You wake up a few minutes late and have to rush to get your shower. Unfortunately, it takes forever to get hot water flowing from your showerhead, and you can feel the minutes ticking away as you wait.

The culprit behind your wait is your water heater. In most homes, one water heater tank is responsible for the whole house. When hot water is not being used anywhere in the house, the hot water tank fills up. The heater warms the water and keeps it hot until needed. Then the water has to travel from the water heater to the point of demand.

While this system works a lot better than putting kettles of water on a fire to warm it up, it’s still not ideal. Not only do you have to wait for the hot water to get to you if you’re at a distance from the tank, but you also have to worry about running out of hot water before you’re done. Once the tank empties, it takes a while to refill and rewarm the water.

Fixing the Wait: Tankless Water Heaters

To solve this problem, tankless water heaters are now available. These models have several advantages over the traditional tank models:

  1. Size. They’re small, so you can place them in basements, crawlways, or attics.
  2. Footprint. They attach to the wall, so the floor underneath is free for other storage if needed.
  3. Energy use. It takes a fair amount of energy to keep a large tank of water hot. Tankless heaters heat water as it flows through on the way to the point of demand. This means they only use the energy needed to heat the water you use.

The size of tankless water heaters also allows another benefit. Since you don’t need as much dedicated space, you can install tankless heaters near any point of demand in your house. This solves two problems: you get hot water faster, and you don’t run out.

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