New Home Addition? Consider a Ductless System

New Home Addition? Consider a Ductless System

Adding on to your home can present some special challenges when it comes to the HVAC system. You may be faced with deciding to extend your ductwork into the addition — an expensive proposition — or providing a separate HVAC system altogether. If you’re thinking that the latter option might be best, you may want to consider a ductless system.

Also known as ductless mini-splits, this type of air conditioning (and sometimes, heating as well) system is gaining increasing popularity among homeowners. Here’s what you need to know about ductless technology.

How Ductless Works

Ductless systems, as the name implies, work a bit differently than your central HVAC system, which delivers conditioned air through a system of ductwork. They’re a type of heat pump; to cool, the system conveys heat from the home by absorbing it in refrigerant and then exhausting it outdoors. If you install a system with the capacity to heat the home, it absorbs heat outdoors and moves it into the home. The cool or warm air is distributed inside the home by single or multiple air handlers.

Why Ductless is a Good Option for a Home Addition

It’s not just the lack of ductwork that makes a mini split a viable option for an add-on. The air handler is small and compact, and offers versatility in mounting: choose an air handler to hang from the ceiling, or to be mounted on a wall or on the floor. Some mini-splits also allow you to mount as many as four air handlers, so you can condition the air in other rooms.

The outdoor compressor is likewise compact, and can be located as much as 50 feet away from the indoor unit, so that you don’t have to hear it when it’s operating.

The conduit that connects the two components requires only a 3-inch hole, so installation is fairly straightforward, compared to the complications extending ductwork can entail.

If you think a ductless system might be the right HVAC technology for your home addition, contact Aggressive Mechanical Contractors. We serve Monmouth County and the surrounding area.

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