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New Jersey Storm Season Preparation

17 May
New Jersey Storm Season Preparation

Spring brings many beautiful things, but it also means it is time for spring storm preparation and getting ready for hurricane season. When preparing your home, don’t forget to include your heating and air conditioning. Use these tips to keep your HVAC system safer no matter what the New Jersey skies unleash.

Clear the Yard

Remove all items that could become dangerous projectiles in a storm. These include lawn decorations, furniture, equipment and toys that could be flung towards the outdoor air conditioning unit.

In addition, clear the area of twigs and other organic debris that could blow into the A/C. While you won’t be able to prevent high winds from bringing debris from elsewhere, you can reduce the volume of debris in your own yard that would pose an immediate threat.

Cover It

Cover the top with plywood or a tear-resistant tarp to prevent water and debris from entering from above and damaging the fan. Bricks or other heavy items are often sufficiently heavy to weigh down the tarp or plywood in regular thunderstorms. For a hurricane, however, you should secure the plywood or tarp with straps.

A tarp and plywood combination can offer more security during hurricanes than either used alone. Plywood protects from heavy items that might fall onto the unit, and a tarp can protect fins on the side from wind-blown debris.

Strap it Down

Hurricane-force winds can move outdoor air conditioner units off their concrete slabs and result in significant damage that might not be reparable. Save yourself from this costly headache by bolting the unit to the slab or tying it down with hurricane straps.

Shut off Power

If a strong storm is imminent, shut off power to your HVAC system via the circuit breaker to prevent damage from power surges. After the storm is over, allow internal components to dry before turning the system on. If it has been flooded or otherwise suffered potential damage, have it inspected by your HVAC technician before turning on the power.

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