How to Find a Qualified Plumber for Your Home Project

How to Find a Qualified Plumber for Your Home Project

Finding a skilled, qualified plumber shouldn’t be a matter of random chance. These days, anyone can post an ad on an internet board offering cut-rate plumbing services. However, it takes more than an e-mail address or cell phone number to prove the expertise your plumbing issue requires. Hiring a qualified plumber is the more affordable option in the long run because your job will be done right the first time and will meet local codes, as well as professional standards for quality. Here’s how to find the right plumber for your home project:

Ask Around

Contact neighbors and friends in the immediate area to find names of plumbers they’ve hired. Ask about the overall quality of the work and their level of satisfaction with the completed project. Also, you might ask whether they would use the services of that plumber again.

Verify Credentials

A reputable experienced plumber has a paper trail you can check. This includes a clean record with the Better Business Bureau and a contractor license, which is required locally and by the state. Here in New Jersey, you can check the license status of plumbers at the state’s division of consumer affairs website.

Look Around

Most experienced plumbing contractors have a visible presence in their community. You’ll see clearly-marked service trucks and uniformed employees. Also, any legitimate plumber should have a formal business address with a permanent office and shop. It’s a good idea to drive by and make sure.

Compare and Contrast

When you’ve narrowed the possibilities down to a few candidates, get a written estimate for your specific projects. Then, make price comparisons, but don’t make price the only factor. You should also take into consideration a plumber’s track record, experience solving particular plumbing problems and the image of professionalism he or she presents. Whatever choice you make, be sure the plumber you select provides a written contract enumerating all costs and conditions associated with the job.

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