Detect and Repair Plumbing Leaks in Your Neptune Home

Detect and Repair Plumbing Leaks in Your Neptune Home

When you think of plumbing leaks, you might imagine water gushing out of a broken pipe or something equally destructive. In reality, the vast majority of leaks are very small, but they can cause just as much damage as a major leak, especially over a long period of time. There are three places in your home that are the most vulnerable to small leaks:

Your Shower and Tub

A common source of water leaks is in the drain of your shower or tub. Oftentimes, especially with older tubs and showers, water can seep into the connection between the drain and the enclosure. You won’t see this often in newly remodeled bathrooms, but it can be fixed fairly easily with a new gasket and caulk.


In much the same way as a shower or tub, most toilet leaks occur where the toilet meets the ground. Water from each flush can slowly leak out around your wax ring and get into the space between your floor or underneath the current flooring in your bathroom. In order to repair plumbing leaks coming from a toilet, assuming that it isn’t from a cracked bowl or bad water supply connection, you’ll need to replace the flange and wax ring, and then re-install it.

Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks

Most sink leaks come from the supply line, or from a crack in the counter holding the sink. These leaks need to be repaired either with caulking, new hoses, or both. For drain leaks, using joint compound on the washer connecting the drain to the sink may work. If not, use putty under the rim of the basket strainer to secure it back to your sink.

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