Post-Holiday Checklist: HVAC Maintenance for January 

Post-Holiday Checklist: HVAC Maintenance for January 

The arrival of the new year means the busy holiday season is over, so you can enjoy a well-earned break. After you’ve caught your breath, why not use the January lull to give your HVAC system some TLC? Here’s a handy post-holiday HVAC maintenance checklist that will help keep your heating system running efficiently and reliably throughout the winter:

Re-evaluate Your Thermostat Settings

If your winter energy bills are too high, January is a good time to re-evaluate and make any necessary adjustments to your programmable thermostat settings. TO maximize your energy savings, make sure you have it programmed to make daily eight-degree setbacks during the hours when you and your family are sleeping, or away from home at school or work.

Put in Fresh Thermostat Batteries

While you’re double checking your thermostat settings, you have a perfect opportunity to put in fresh batteries. You might not think the batteries matter since the thermostat is hard-wired and operates on electricity, but if there’s a power outage, they’ll keep the unit running so all your programming and temperature settings aren’t lost.

Check Your HVAC Air Filter

It’s easy to forget about checking your HVAC air filter in the weeks leading up to the holidays, so if you neglected a filter check in December, do it now. Ideally, the filter should be examined once a month during heating season and replaced when there’s any visible dust or debris. This simple chore is vital to prevent a drop in the system’s airflow that reduces heating efficiency and can damage the equipment or cause a sudden shutdown due to overheating.

Inspect and Clean Your HVAC Registers

Having open, unobstructed supply and return registers is essential for proper airflow and even, consistent heating throughout your home. A January register check isn’t difficult: visit each room in your home with your vacuum in tow and clean and make sure each grille is fully open and not blocked by furniture, toys, long drapes, throw rugs or other such items.

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