How to Prepare Your HVAC for the Holidays

How to Prepare Your HVAC for the Holidays

As a homeowner facing yet another round of holidays this year, it’s important that you prepare your home – including your HVAC system – for family get-togethers or even just the occasional guest. To help alleviate some of your most pressing holiday HVAC concerns, here are a few tips to follow:

Reach Out to a Qualified Technician

The best way to ensure that your furnace runs smoothly throughout the holiday system is to call a qualified technician to check it out and give it a tune-up as needed. The effect of doing so once per year is two-fold. First, the system’s efficiency and performance will be at an optimal Level. And second, its operational lifespan will be extended.

Replace the Air Filter

As resilient as your furnace’s air filter can be, it doesn’t take too long to get clogged up with dirt and debris. As a general rule, the filter must be switched out every 1-3 months, depending on its usage. Some filters can be cleaned instead, so make sure you’re aware of which type your system uses.

Adjust the Thermostat Temperature Accordingly

Now that the colder months of the year are closing in, it’s important that you adjust your thermostat’s temperature accordingly. The temperature you choose, however, will often depend on personal preference. It’s best to slip on a sweater whenever possible to avoid higher costs, but many households prefer to take the hit on their monthly bill so they’re always comfortable.

Switch Off the Main Water Valve While Away

If you or your family plan to go on vacation for any of the upcoming holidays, you certainly don’t want to return to a flooded home because of a burst pipe. You can prevent this from happening by switching off your home’s main water valve. An alternate solution is to have a trusted friend or family member housesit for you while you’re gone.

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