Tips to Get the Most Energy Savings From Your Programmable Thermostat

Tips to Get the Most Energy Savings From Your Programmable Thermostat

With four distinct seasons, maximizing energy savings when heating and cooling your New Jersey home can pose a challenge. Luckily, manufacturers have designed thermostats with programming features that can significantly lower your energy costs if used properly. The following tips will help you use your programmable thermostat for maximum benefit.

Types of Programmable Thermostats

Programming capabilities vary with different styles of programmable thermostats. The most flexible offers seven-day programming and is most useful for people with schedules that vary, since each day of the week can be programmed separately. Two other types allow one setting for weekdays and either separate programming for Saturdays and Sundays, or just one setting for the weekend. The simplest type has one mode of programming for the entire week.

Programmable Thermostat Settings

While the thermostats often come pre-set to represent the average household, this doesn’t mean the settings are optimal for your home. Review the pre-set schedule in your thermostat and adjust it to reflect the following:

  • Decrease or increase the temperature by 10 degrees about an hour before everyone leaves the home for the day and an hour before bedtime. About an hour before you’re due home or scheduled to wake up, set the temperature to your comfortable setting.
  • Every degree makes a difference, so experiment with temperatures and program the thermostat as low or high as possible during the times you’re home. Consider wearing warmer clothing in winter or the use of fans in the summer.
  • Turning the heat or air conditioning drastically high or low won’t heat or cool your home any faster than leaving it at your programmed temperature.
  • If you go away for more than a day, use the “hold” feature to change the programmed settings. Set the temperature to a minimum for heating so pipes won’t freeze and manually turn off air conditioning.

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