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Programming Your Thermostat for Cold Weather

08 Nov
Programming Your Thermostat for Cold Weather

If your home is outfitted with a programmable thermostat, that’s a good thing… unless you’re not programming it correctly. You won’t get the expected energy savings from the thermostat unless it’s properly set, whether in summer or winter. Now that winter is nearly upon us, resetting the programmable thermostat for the heating season is essential.

With an old-style manual thermostat, homeowners seeking to minimize the use of their heating and cooling systems must constantly adjust the temperature dial. Many people forget to do this, setting one temperature and leaving it there 24/7. A programmable thermostat, on the other hand, when programmed correctly, will allow for energy-saving temperature changes that match you and your family’s lifestyle and schedule.

In the summer, this likely means programming higher temperatures during the day when home occupants are out working or during times when the family is traveling.

When resetting the programmable thermostat for wintertime use, a different strategy is necessary that involves both daytime and night-time setbacks. This is a sample programming schedule for the heating season:

  • The temperature setting should be several degrees lower than your comfort level during the daytime on work days (unless you work from home) or other times when you’re gone for more than several house. There’s no reason to comfortably heat an empty house.
  • The temperature should be programmed to return to your comfort level 30-60 minutes before you expect to return home, and then stay at that level till bedtime.
  • During the night, the temperature setting can be several degrees lower, since most people prefer cooler temperatures while sleeping. After all, that’s what blankets are for.
  • To avoid waking up to a frigid house, program the temperature to return to normal shortly before the household awakens. You might choose to skip this step if you’re planning on getting up and out of the house quickly. Returning the house to a comfortable temperature for less than a half hour probably will waste more energy that the brief period warrants.

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