Proper Ventilation for Your Nursery

Proper Ventilation for Your Nursery

When you’re expecting a child, one of the many tasks that you’ll need to complete is babyproofing your home. Basically, you want the infant to be 100% safe when he or she arrives at home. To do our part to help make this happen, we’ve compiled a few quick tips for nursery ventilation and HVAC safety.

Maintain Your HVAC Equipment

The most effective way to ensure proper ventilation for your newborn is to have your HVAC equipment checked on a regular basis by a qualified technician. He or she will make sure that the system is running properly and efficiently, in addition to identifying any potential problems that might arise.

Clean the Ductwork and Vents

If your home’s ductwork or vents aren’t clean, the baby’s room could experience ventilation problems or even make the child sick from pollutants in the air. When preparing the room, perform a thorough cleaning of the ducts, and don’t forget to target the vents in the room as well.

Install a Smart Thermostat

As you might expect, babies can be especially fragile when it comes to body temperature. In recent years, it’s been recommended that an infant’s room be kept between 68° and 72° F in order to reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). A smart thermostat makes this a much easier task by allowing you to set the desired temperature and allow the device to switch the HVAC equipment on and off as needed.

Keep the Crib Away from Vents

Even if your vents are completely clean, airflow too close to an infant’s crib can cause the baby to become sick or either too hot or too cold. The best way to avoid this is by simply moving the crib away from the vents. If you’re still concerned, direct the vents to blow away from the crib.

If you’re expecting a baby, proper nursery ventilation and HVAC safety cannot be understated. For more expert advice on these and other home-comfort subjects, reach out to the friendly professionals at Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc. We’ve been serving the Neptune area and beyond with honesty and integrity since 1948.

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